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Shinjuku Gyoen on a Weekday

Shinjuku Gyoen is a serene sanctuary in the middle of a bustling urban city. The park is a favorite place for people to rest, play, and relax after a busy week. With its huge open green space; forest-like corners; and beautiful landscapes, a day visit is not enough to see its full glory.


A portion of the Shinjuku Gyoen”s Japanese Traditional Garden


Shinjuku Gyoen: A Sanctuary at the Heart of Busy City Center


I have been to the park several times on different seasons. However each time I visit, it seems to be a new exciting place for me. It tends to be a bit crowded on weekends with foreigners and locals having picnics, tree bathing, or enjoying the open green space.


Tree bathing under Cultured Pine Trees


Roses in bloom at the French Formal Garden


Cool breeze under the Cherry Tree Canopy


Last week, I had the opportunity to visit the park on a Tuesday. Although there were a lot of children having a day tour,  the park is  relatively quiet and serene. Very different from its usual lively and dynamic weekend scene.


The Taiwan Pavilion


Another portion of the Japanese Traditional Garden


Plum trees and Azaleas inside Shinjuku Gyoen


Forest-like Ponds at different areas of Shinjuku Gyoen


Southern Magnolia in bloom


During this time, hydrangeas adorn the park. Their delicate colors float effortlessly against the different shades of green.


Beautiful Hydrangeas at Shunjuku Gyoen


Walking around the garden with less crowd gave me a good perspective of the outside cityscape. The towering buildings of Shinjuku provide a magnificent background for the park”s green landscape.


NTT Docomo Building: View from the Park


Shinjuku Cityscape above the Old Imperial Rest House


The Avenue of Sycamore Trees and the French Formal Garden


Exploring the Botanical Garden


The Stylish Shinjuku Gyoen Greenhouse


Another exciting part of this visit is the chance to see the botanical garden. As I have earlier mentioned, I have been to Shinjuku Gyoen several times. However, I always missed my chance to go inside its botanical garden. Similar to other glass gardens in Tokyo, inside are different tropical plants carefully being nurtured whole year round. The botanical garden has a good collection of orchids and cacti from different parts of the world.


The Tropical Plants inside the Greenhouse remind me of home


Tropical Orchids at the Greenhouse


Eye-Catching Cacao Fruits


Succulents and Cacti from the Dry Lands


What stroke me most is the special exhibition of Japanese flora that are considered endangered or nearly extinct in the wild. It is quite alarming to know that these plants which most of us think are ordinary might not be available in the near future.






Paphiopedilum or Venus Slipper: Whole Species Designated as Appendix 1 of the Washington Convention





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