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Sea Anemone: Inspiration from a Window

Every time I visit Tokyo Sea Life, I always spend five minutes in front of the sea anemone window. It looks like a beautiful garden under the deep below the sea. They are so vibrant yet calming to the eyes.


Sea Anemone Display at Tokyo Sea Life Park



Sea Anemone Inspired My Ikebana


Last September during our Voyage Exhibition, the said window served as one of my inspirations.  It was very helpful because having the sea as an exhibition theme was a bit of a challenge. For this arrangement, I used orange pincushions; dark pink Celestia or cockscomb; and  green Asclepias balloons. The light blue wooden twirls represent water while the wooden boxes covered with moss are the rock beds. I also added some dried starfish and shells.


Sea Anemone Ikebana

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