Satoyama Gardens in Yokohama
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Satoyama Gardens : A Colorful Serenity

Satoyama Gardens in Yokohama is like a colorful paradise in the middle of serenity. Although it is not far from Tokyo, this place is not as crowded even during holidays.

Lush Greens and Colorful Carps Welcomed Us at Satoyama

This year Japan celebrates its Golden Week with 10 days off from school and work. It is a special year as the country welcomes the new era and its new emperor. However, this also means that popular vacation spots outside Tokyo would be very crowded and expensive. With that in mind, my husband and I decided to stay in the city and go for day trips not so far away instead. Our first stop: Satoyama Gardens.

Satoyama Garden Giant Flower Bed

From Nakayama Station, we took a bus going to Zoorasia. From there, we just needed to walk across going to the garden. However due to the holiday traffic jam, the bus driver recommended that we get off one stop earlier and walk from there. Good thing we followed his recommendation. We got to see the its river park adorned with carp streamers in celebration of May 5th’s Children’s Day. Under the stream of Koinobori is shallow water with lots of yellow mustard flowers.

Koinobori or Carp Streams in Celebration of Chilidren’s Day

Yellow Mustard Flowers under the Cherry Trees

After enjoying the mustard flower beds, we headed to the main garden passing through the woodland oath. Walking under the shade of the tall pine trees was refreshing and relaxing.

Enjoying the Shade of Sky-High Pine Trees at Satoyama Gardens

As we reach the end of the shadowy path, bright colors and sunshine welcomed us!

Satoyama Garden Yokohama
Daisies, Nemophilas, and Tulips with Bamboo Background

The giant flower bed is a hectare space filled with pansies, nemophila. tulips, poppies and green lawn surrounded by lush green trees and magnificent bamboos!

The Left Side of the Flower Bed: View from the Deck

The Right Side of the Flower Bed: View from the Deck

Red Poppies Start Blooming at the Far End of the Flower Bed

Festive Feels at Satoyama

Aside from the flowers, visitors also get to enjoy the food stalls and souvenir shops installed at the main entrance area. It was fascinating to watch different groups of people, young and not so young, enjoy their meal near the flower beds or under the cool shade of a picnic umbrella.

Food Stalls and Booths at the Garden

Shortly after lunchtime, we finished walking and enjoying the garden”s giant flower bed. After a brief break with freshly made soft ice cream, we headed next to Zoorasia. Click here to read our Zoorasia adventure.

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