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Sakuras Came Early This Year

Hanami parties here and there are now being enjoyed since last weekend although it was estimated that this year’s Sakuras (Cherry Blossoms) in Tokyo will be in full bloom on the first week of April. Why? Because Sakuras came early this year!!

Last weekend, my husband and I have decided to go to Kasai Rinkai Park for a picnic. But instead of cycling along Kasai Coast, we took the road going to Edogawa Rose Garden to see if the Sakura trees have bloomed already. My in-laws are coming this Thursday for a 10-day visit so we are hoping that they can still see a lot of Sakuras by next weekend. To my relief, the a lot of trees are not yet in full bloom.

Sakura road leading to Edogawa Rose Garden
Families enjoying their Hanami parties in Kasai Rinkai Park



Yesterday since the weather is nice, my friends and I went for a bike ride for Sakura viewing. We first went to Ukita Park, a park next to Gyosen Park since the latter is quite full of mothers and kids having Hanami parties. We stayed for a while and then continued biking towards the canal near Funabori. We were so fascinated by the beautiful Sakura blossoms as we biked along the canal. And before we headed back home, we made a stop at Sakura Park and Playground for kids to play.

Not yet in full bloom but already beautiful Sakuras in Ukita Park
Dark pink weeping Sakura just started to bloom
Beautiful white and pink Sakuras along the canal near Funabori
A happy scene in Sakura Park, Edogawa
Moms and kids enjoying the bright sun and beautiful Sakuras in Sakura Park, Edogawa
Going through the Sakura road tunnel on our way home


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