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Reminiscing: Everything Started in Yokohama

Yokohama Skyscrapers

It has been over a year now since I came back in Japan. And since I am staying here for quite a long time, I have enough time to explore the country and embrace its culture.  But before I started exploring new places and admiring new trends, first few things that I did was to revisit the places I liked back when I was here in 2008.

This article will serve as first entry to my series of blogs under “Reminiscing”  as I revisit the places I liked, remember the happy memories I had,  and discover new things.

My life here in Japan started when I was seconded to an international organization based in Minato Mirai, Yokohama. It was my first time to live on my own and be away from my family for a long time.  I am an only child so one can assume that I am quite independent but at that time,  Yokohama gave a new meaning of independence for me.  So the moment that I have settled in our home in Tokyo and finished all the necessary process to legitimize my stay in Edogawa, I immediately went back to Yokohama to see my old friends.

Going back to a place which served as my home for almost two years was very nostalgic. As I walk to Pacifico-Yokohama from Minato-Mirai station, I was greeted by the same old giant Snoopy doll hanging on the second floor of Queen’s. After catching up my old friends and colleagues, I made time to walk around Minato-Mirai. A lot of things have changed but the things I love are still there.

The big wheel and thrilling rides of Cosmo World
Al fresco restaurants and festivals in Aka Renga (The Red Building)
Colorful tulips in front of Yokohama Baseball Stadium


The soaring Landmark Tower


Along the streets of Sakuragicho
Beautiful sakuras in spring especially along the boarwalk and bayside areas.

Aside from several malls that sprouted near Landmark and Queen’s, there were also new places that caught my attention.

The Nissin Cup Museum where people can design their own instant cup noodles
The cozy Elephant Cafe near between Aka Renga and Osanbashi Pier
The World Beer Museum at the Dockyard Garden of Landmark

 Yokohama is 30-45 minutes away from Tokyo Central Station via JR Lines or Tokyu Toyoko Line from Shibuya. You can either get off at Sakuragicho station or Minato-Mirai station to start a walking tour around Minato-Mirai and nearby areas.



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