Flowers and Ikebana

Purple Statice As Focal Points

Purple statice are tiny cluster flowers which belongs to the Limonium family. Often times, it is serves as fillers in an arrangement. It is also a great material for drying because it can retain its color for a long time. Its stems can also be used to achieve fine yet solid lines.


Purple Statice to Complete the Arrangements


For the past few weeks, we had purple statice as one of our materials to work with. We also had some big lilies, Forsythia, and Spirea stems which are abundant at the moment. Big bright flowers like lilies are beautiful on their own and can easily catch one’s attention. In order for me to maintain balance attention, I placed the purple statice to create some focal points.

First, I created a line using the statice flowers. The line created by the statice provided a great contrast to its surrounding flowers and leaves. My apologies but for some reasons, the statice looked blue in the photo. Luckily it still blends well with the yellow Peruvian Lilies, orange lily buds, white Stock flowers, and Spirea stems.


Purple Statice with Peruvian Lilies, Stock Flowers, and Spirea Stems


For the next arrangement, I placed two small clusters of statice to serve as an eye catcher. I cut them very short as if they are hiding under the Peruvian lilies and orange lily buds.  I added some stems of yellow Forsythia and white Spirea for some lines.


purple statice
Statice Hiding under Peruvian Lilies, Forsythia, and Spirea


Unlike my second arrangement, the third Ikebana I made highlights the Statice as its main point.


Purple Statice with Forsythia, Orange Lily Buds, Spirea, and Dracena Leaves

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