purple flowers ikebana
Flowers and Ikebana

Purple Flowers for June

Purple flowers had been a part of our flower set during our Ikebana class for the past weeks.  When I asked my sensei about it, she said that purple flowers are abundant in June here in Japan. Maybe because it is one of the indicators that summer is already here. The colors of the flowers tend to go on the cooler shades like the hues of blue and purple. To embrace this moment, I have made several Ikebana arrangements using purple flowers as my main material.


Ikebana Using Purple Flowers

For my first arrangement, I made an Ikebana featuring mass and lines together. I used purple Alliums for the mass and Horsetail grass for the lines. I played a little with the Horsetail grass to create different shapes instead of just having some straight lines.


purple flowers ikebana
Mass and Lines Using Purple Alliums and Horsetail Grass


For the second arrangement, I arranged purple Lisianthus or Eutoma and a stem of Chinese Hypericum into a unified curve line. Do add some contrast, I also placed some light-colored Spindle leaves and Goldenrod.  I chose the white Eutoma with dark purple edge to give some bright contrast against the green leaves but still highlight the curve line.

Purple Flowers Ikebana
Chinese Hypericum Leaves with Purple Lisianthus (Eutoma) and Statice


And to welcome the summer season, I used purple Hydrangeas for my third arrangement. Ajisai or hydrangea is the symbol of summer here in Japan. For this arrangement, I combined different cool colors  such as blue, purple, white, and green. I used white Bristol Fairy to give a soft touch in contrast to the purple Hydrangea flowers. I kept the leaves of the Hydrangea because of its green color and shape. It also balances the bulkiness of the Hydrangea and the petite flowers of the Bristol Fairy. The arrangement is placed in a gradient blue ceramic vase which mimics the water.

purple flowers ikebana
Purple Hydrangeas to Welcome Summer

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