Flowers and Ikebana

Provence Summer in Omotesando

Provence is one of the places in my bucketlist. I want to see its lavender fields and vineyards. It was like a surprise introduction when a friend asked me to help her with her Provence-themed event one Firday night. I was asked to make some arrangements as decorations for the venue. Next thing I know, I was sketching some ideas and searching sceneries of that area.

My Student Reina Helping Me Prepare the Arrangements

The event was in the cozy studio of My Little Box in Omotesando. The star of the event are classic savory dishes like pizza with black olives and anchovy . She also served vanilla and raspberry shu cream, which are the main products of her company, Pampelonne.

Vanilla anf Raspberry Shu Cream by Pampelonne

Provence and Rose Moment at My Little Box Tokyo

As I mentioned above, Provence and Rose Moment features local delicacies and the Rose wine from the area. To complement the food and drinks, I created several country-style summer arrangements. The idea is to somehow make the guests feel as if they are in Provence. My main materials include sunflowers to symbolise the summer season and the view that inspired painters like Van Gogh. I used peach roses to complement the Rose wine. To mimic the vineyards, I added some black currants stems. The shape of the leaves are similar to grapes. Lastly, lavender. It cannot be Provence without the lavender. Luckily, we have some lavender stems because at the moment the season is already over here in Tokyo.

The Venue near Omotesando Station

A Welcome Arrangement for the Guests

provence food event tokyo
The Living Room Corner Adorned with Roses, Sunflowers, and Black Currants, and Lavenders

Provence in Omotesando
Country-Style Arrangement for the Living Room Table

Sunflowers and Black Currants by the Window

Alliums, Roses, and Sunflowers for the Main Table

Provence Summer Ikebana
Provence on the Table

Provence Ikebana
At the Bar

Aside from the arrangement at the main room, I also prepared some arrangements for the third floor. This area has a sofa where people can relax and chat.

Lastly, we prepared some garni made of rosemary, thyme, and bay leaves for guests to take home.

Provence Garni Ikebana
Garni as Souvenir

For upcoming events of Pampelonne, please visit their site:

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