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Produce from Our Balcony Garden

This year’s produce from our balcony garden is a mixture of good and not so good. We had a bit of radical temperature changes for a couple weeks recently. Too warm at lunchtime and then sudden drop at nighttime. Some days are very sunny almost like mid-summer. But there are days when we it is cold and rainy.


Sweet Produce From Our Balcony

Our strawberries and mulberries were abundant this year. Compared to last year, we have quite bigger and much more strawberries (maybe not as big as those from the supermarkets). Last week, we harvested around 20 pieces for munching.


This Year’s Strawberries


The mulberry tree is also fruiting generously. We are currently enjoying a handful of sweet berries almost everyday.


balcony produce
Mulberries from Our Balcony


The herbs are also growing healthy inside our mini greenhouse. I hope they will continue to grow strong when Tokyo summer fully kicks in.

Herbs Inside the Small Greenhouse


Last March when the weather started to become warm, I tried to plant some fennel. Now, we have two towering plants greeting us every morning.


The Towering Fennel Plants


I also planted a courgette beside the fennel. Just this week, its flowers start to grow bigger. Hopefully they will turn into good vegetables soon.


Courgette Blossoms


Similarly, our green pepper plant starts to bear fruits. We are expecting to have a couple harvests maybe next week.


Young Green Pepper


My husband and I always wonder why our tomato plants only bear fruits in winter. They start to flower around autumn and then fruit starting December. This year, I planted some new tomato seedlings. Fortunately, the new plants start to flower and bear fruit in time for summer.


We Finally Have Summer Tomatoes


Aside from fruits; vegetables; and herbs, we also have small pink cluster flowers adorning our balcony. The citronella plant and its cuttings are now in bloom. They give a nice purplish-pink color to our balcony and at the same time a good repellant against mosquitos.


Pink Flowers for Beauty and Insects

Not-So-Good Produce This Year

Since last year, I have been trying to grow some carrots but to no avail. My last attempt seemed promising though. I had some nice growths for a few weeks. However just this week, I noticed that the leaves are covered with white powdery fungi. When I checked, I did not have choice but to remove them otherwise other plants will get infected too.

Almost Promising Carrot Plants


Fortunately, we got some okay carrots harvest. Big enough to munch but not for cooking. Luckily, the season is not over yet for me to try a new batch of planting.


Our Forever Baby Carrots


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