Flowers and Ikebana

Preserving My Ikebana

A friend once asked me if I dry the flowers I used in my Ikebana arrangements and put them in a frame to preserve them. I said no. First of all, I am not a big fan of dried flowers. Second, maybe because I don’t know how to do it properly. Third, we do not have enough space where I can keep them without seeing it as a clutter in our house. My husband might kill me if he sees our house turned like a warehouse of dried flowers.

Aside from taking pictures; saving them in our computer; posting my latest works in my Facebook account; and blogging it, I tried to paint some of my works. I got the inspiration when I saw a Monet exhibition in the Museum of Western Arts in Ueno last January. Seeing some of the paintings made by known impressionists like Monet and van Gogh inspired me express my appreciation to the beauty of nature through one of my passions. I am not an expert in drawing or painting but if I can preserve my works through this art, then I would be able to preserve the two things I like – flowers and Ikebana.

So right after my first Ikebana class last January, I headed to the school and office supplies store to buy some materials for my art project. It has been a while since I painted again. And it was a nice feeling to be back to one of my old hobbies.

Every time I make Ikebana arrangement, I try to draw or paint it using colored pencils or poster colors. Recently, I found a type of colored pencils which can be used as water colors if you use a wet brush. I tried it in some of my recent works and it turned out great!

One of my first Ikebana arrangements for 2014
Me in Ikebana using colored pencils
Colored pencils turned water colors

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