Flowers and Ikebana

Pincushion Flowers for Early Autumn

Pincushion (or Pincushion Protea) is an evergreen native to Zimbabwe and South Africa. Oftentimes, it strives in the forests or mountain slopes. Recently, it is gaining popularity in flower arrangements because of its unique structure and bright color.


Pincushion for Early Autumn Ikebana


As the temperature starts to cool down, the colors in our flower set also change from pastels to orange and purple. One of my indicators for the change of season. This week, we have a good mix of orange, purple, and dark red materials. What caught my attention is the three pincushions included in our set. The first time I used these flowers was during our Okaeri Exhibition. The flowers caught quite a lot of attention from visitors because of its form. Last August, I also used them to mimic the underwater flora at our Voyage Exhibition in Yokohama.


For this week’s Ikebana lessons, I made several arrangements featuring the pincushions.


pincushion ikebana
Early Autumn Arrangement


Lines and curves using willow, dogwood, Dracena leaves, and Pincushion flower


Summer going Autumn: Sunflowers, dogwood, Dracena leaves, Cockscomb, and Pincushions


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