Peruvian Lily in Ikebana
Flowers and Ikebana

Peruvian Lily for Mid-Spring

Peruvian Lily or Alstroemeria is native to South America but a popular choice for florists worldwide. It comes in vibrant colors of yellow, pink, orange and white. We often see them in bouquets or centerpieces mostly in clusters.

This week I found some Peruvian Lilies at our friendly neighborhood flower store. I bought a couple of stems together with Enkainthus branches and Green Dianthus. All of these plants can last for about two weeks, which is good during this stay-at-home period.

Deconstructing Peruvian Lilies

The flowers of Alstroemeria come in a loose cluster which means that there are wide spaces between the flowers. This structure is good if you want to insert other leaves or flowers in between.

Pink Peruvian Lilies with Light Purple and Pink Sweet Peas

Mass and Lines using Peruvian Lilies, Enkianthus, and Citronella

Deconstructing the flowers of Peruvian Lily is also a good way to showcase its versatility.

Peruvian Lily Deconstructed

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