Flowers and Ikebana

Pastel Colors and Branches

Pastel colors always give me a hint that spring is just around the corner. Flowers here and there start to bloom welcoming the warm sunshine and nice cool air. Different shades of pink and yellow blend nicely with the fresh greens and bright whites. Since the first week of February, our Ikebana class receive a lot of flowers in pastel colors. We also get a handful of branches to match with.

Pastel Colors and Branches in Ikebana

I find combining pastel colors and branches a bit challenging. Branches are mostly use to emphasise lines, shapes, and curves. Hence, I often avoid using wide and massive leaves not to divert the focus. However, without a solid background, flowers or materials that are light in colors would also be difficult. In order to cope up with my own dilemma, I tried to make two arrangements using both materials.

For my first arrangement, I used the branches and yellow flowers of Buttercup Winter Hazel together with light pink Stock flowers. I arranged the Stock flowers following the lines of the branches so that the whole arrangement looks like one plant.

pastel colors ikebana


For the second arrangement, I created an forest scene using the same branches. I placed some white and light purple Sweet Peas to soften the dark brown lines. And as a contrast to the fine lines, I put pink tulips and red carnations.



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