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Parol: Missing Christmas in Manila

Parol is a tradition in the Philippines. It is a star usually made from bamboo sticks decorated with different ornaments. It is a must for most families during Christmas in the country. Most of the time, people hang the parol in front of their houses. Some put lights to make it bright, while other keep it simple yet beautiful. Although the decorations and lights become extravagant every year, parol has kept its unique authenticity.

It is now our third Christmas here in Japan since my husband and I got married. This year, I made a Parol (Christmas star lantern) so that we can have a bit of Christmas-in-the-Philippines atmosphere although we are here in Tokyo. Since I was a child, I enjoyed decorating or making a parol for our house. My mom and I would make our decorations from scratch even a fake snow made from laundry soap for our Christmas tree.

Yesterday in our Ikebana class, the theme for our arrangement would be Christmas. And since I have been thinking about a parol for Christmas, I immediately got excited to do my arrangement. For the star, I used green dogwood stems with raffia rope. For the decor, I used fabric red poinsettias, gold ribbon, steel grass, dried rose hips, and pine leaves.

My Christmas Parol
A taste of Christmas in Manila here in Tokyo through our Ikebana Parol

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