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Our Autumn Hikes

I love autumn. I love it when the summer’s heat starts to cool down and the colors of the leaves are changing. And to enjoy this season to the fullest, me and my husband did some hiking just near Tokyo.

First we went to Mt. Mitake in Okutuma region, westernmost part of Tokyo. Train ride was about an two hours from our station (30 minutes from Nishi-Kasai to Nakano and then an hour and half to Mitake.

We were welcomed by the refreshing crystal clear river as we started our walk from the Mitake station.
Trekking down along the steep path going is worth the walk because of the beautiful Nanayo Falls.
The famous Rock Garden
Overlooking Tokyo

When my husband’s parents from Germany came to visit during the last week of October,  we also did some hiking in Kamakura, a city in Kanagawa south of Tokyo. Our trail started in Zuirokusan Engkakuji in Kita Kamura then we walked up to Genjiyama Park down to Kuzuharagaoka Shrine up again to Sasuke Inare Shrine and then to the Todajii Temple where the Great Daibutsu is located. On our way home, we had a small walk along the coast before we went back home through Kamakura station.

The Sanmon (Main Gate of Enkakuji) is believed to clear away earthly wants and substances and enter into state of emptiness.
Wedding in traditional Japanese Kimono held in Engkakuji
The one hundred gravestones inside Engkakuji
Into the woods going up Genjiyama Park
Children breaking ceramic plates in Genjiyama. It is believed that this ritual clears bad luck.
Walking our way up to Sasuke Inari Shrine
Looking down from the topmost step of Sasuke Inari Shrine
Mini ceramic foxes offered by people in Sasuke Inare Shrine
A walk along Yuguihama Beach

Sometime in mid-November we headed to Mt. Takao, still in Tokyo, for our final autumn exploration. Since it is only an hour away from Central Tokyo, the place is bombarded by both local and foreign tourists who want to enjoy nature without being far from the city. Among its eight trails, my husband and I chose trail no. 6 (Natural Research Road Course) to have a more feel of the forest hike. When we reached the observatory deck, we were lucky to have a glimpse of Mt. Fuji.

The Natural Research Road Course
Loving the colors of autumn
Tokyo view from Mt. Takao
The bright colors of autumn in Mt. Takao

And the best way to end our autumn hike is a warm sake!

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