Flowers and Ikebana

Ornamental Chili for Autumn Ikebana

Ornamental chili are now becoming popular not only for gardens but also for flower arrangements. They are also edible however, people use them more as decoration because of their color and shape. This week, we have a couple of chili stems to work on at our Tuesday Ikebana class. We did not have Ikebana class for the whole month of August. And I was away almost the whole month of September. Coming to our Ikebana class again after a long break felt exciting.

We still have summer-like temperature here in Tokyo. And finding the ornamental chili in our flower set reminds me that autumn is just around the corner.

Ornamental Chili to Welcome Autumn

For this week, I made two Ikebana arrangements using chili as my main material. We got the Japanese Lantern variety. This type of chili has a heart-shape fruit and same size as the Japanese cherry. One stem has four or five colors which starts with purple on its tip, then yellow, orange, and red orange. At the bottom are mostly red.

For my morning Ikebana, I combined it with broomstick stems, purple Gentians, orange carnations, and Dracena leaves.

Ornamental chili for Autumn Ikebana
Chili for Early Autumn

And for my afternoon class with Takayama-sensei, I used the same chili stems together with Aspidistra leaves and orange carnations.

Autumn Feels with Aspidistra Leaves, Carnations, and Colorful Chili Peppers

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