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Only in Japan: Everyday Innovations

Thing you can see only in Japan. Japan has been known for high-end technology, unique inventions, and crazy trends. From a simple chopsticks with small rings so that toddlers can learn how to use to a conversational human-like robots, Japanese people have been creative indeed to make life easier and more enjoyable.

Last week as I accompany my in-laws for Sakura viewing around Tokyo, I noticed some creative innovations that were quite unique and very useful.


1. Multi-purpose re-used carton boxes

While we were enjoying the beautiful sakuras and the festive ambiance in Ueno Park, I noticed that a lot of carton boxes on the mats. People use the top portion of these boxes as tables for their hanami parties while the inside part keeps their feet and legs warm as well as their valuables safe. So next time you go for a picnic, no need to carry those heavy foldable tables!

Carton boxes for hanami parties

2. Mobile radio  

During the early period when communication devices were as expensive as golds, this bike with built-in radio and speakers would go around the streets of Asakusa to provide music, news, and information to the people. At present, this system can still be very useful for disseminating news and information – no need to use expensive gas and has the ability to go inside small and narrow streets.

Old Asakusa’s mobile radio and PA system

3. Golf and badminton in one play

While we were having a small walk parallel to Shinsui Park here in Nishi-Kasai, we came across a group of seniors enjoying their lunchtime playing golf using shuttle cocks as golf balls and umbrella nets as holes for an 18-hole game.  No need to travel long and pay for the expensive club membership dues!!

An umbrella net used as golf hole
Seniors enjoying a golf at a baseball field in NIshi-Kasai



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