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One Sunday Afternoon


My husband and I usually make a walk around our community on weekends if the weather is sunny and cool. We talk while we walk so most of the times we don’t realize that we have already walked quite far. We both enjoy discovering unique stores, beautiful home gardens, the serene ambiance of the riversides, funny and weird things, and the excitement of entering small and narrow streets.

Last Sunday, we went for another walk. But this time, we tried to widen our exploration. We first went to the Tokyo Metro Train Museum located in Kasai Station. We were amazed by how much information one can get from visiting this museum. The documentation about the process that Tokyo underwent during the development of the train system was comprehensive. Children also enjoy learning how to drive trains through their simulation equipments. Going around the museum was also fun because there is a white trail track on the floor for people to follow.

The first Tokyo Metro trains welcome the guests as you enter the museum
Walking along the train tracks
Kids enjoying the simulation train driving lessons inside the museum

After the museum, we walk towards Funabori but made a left turn when we reached the river park. Walking along the river promenade was relaxing and gave me a feel of how Tokyo was during the old times. Both sides of the river were planted with cherry trees. I will definitely come back here when the sakuras start to bloom. For the meantime, we enjoyed the beautiful blooms planted in the front of the houses nearby.

A small waiting shed turned stock room
Sakura trees along the river promenade
The early blooms of spring
Tempting fruit trees




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