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Odaiba Eboat Race: Great Fun and Clear Blue Sky

Last Saturday, my husband and I together with our friend went to Odaiba. We were there around 7:30 in the morning and I was amazed by how it was different from my previous trips. Since almost all shops and restaurants are still close, there was no trace of the hustle and bustle created by local and foreign tourists going to the malls for shopping, eating, or sightseeing.

As we reached the Seaside Park,  we saw some people already preparing for the E-Boat Race event. The said event is an annual activity organized by the Odaiba E-boat Disaster Prevention Exchange Games. It is part of their efforts to engage people in disaster awareness and preparation particularly those that occur in the water-related incidents. Competing groups were classified into three: collegiate, elite, and general public. For this year, there were about 30 teams that participated coming from different groups, both professional and novice.

My husband and our friend joined our friends from Yokohama as they compete in the E-Boat Race under the general public group. Although it was the first time that the group met, coordination and communication amongst each other were not a problem. It was a great experience to catch up with old friends and meet new ones.

Preparing the tents and boats for the E-Boat Race


Odaiba in the morning: Serene and relaxing view of Tokyo skyscapers behind the Rainbow Bridge


Who would have thought that our tent will be beside the Japan National Dragon Boat Team?!


Photo Highlights of the Odaiba Eboat Race

As first timers at the Odaiba Eboat Race, we were not as bad as we thought. Our team did quite good considering that a lot of the other teams are professionals. Instead of focusing on winning, we have decided to just enjoy the experience.


The competing teams for the 2014 Odaiba E-Boat Race


Members of the Motto Motto Asobitai getting ready for the race


Paddles were raised while waiting for the signal to start rowing


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