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Natsutsubaki Featured in Different Ikebanas

Natsutsubaki or summer camellia is a plant species native to Japan and Korea. Its flowers are small (only up to 8 cm wide) and single-layered.  The flowers are abundant in June until end of August. A few weeks ago, we were fortunate to have it in our flower set. It was my first time to use this plant. I got some stems with thick foliage and in different height. Hence, I decided to highlight the tsubaki in different ways.


Ikebana Using Natsutsubaki in Different Ways

For my first arrangement, I highlighted the rich foliage of the summer camellia in my Ikebana arrangement. I added some white Day Lilies which are still in bud form, Millets, and small Mums. I used a light blue vase to complement the different shades of green. The arrangement hopes to bring the freshness and brightness of summer inside the house.

A Celebration of Greens: Natsutsubaki Leaves with Day Lilies, Light Peach Roses, Millets, and Small Mums


For my second arrangement, I used the Natsutsubaki as a complement to the peach Roses. I removed the leaves so that it will not overpower the roses. The small buds of the summer camellia gave a pearl-like highlights which blended well with the delicate peach color of the roses.


Natsutsubaki in Ikebana
Delicate Beauty: Light Peach Roses with Summer Camellia Buds


And for my last arrangement, I tried to highlight the nice curve of the camellia stem. To do this, I cut some of its foliage to  show the curve line of the stem. I also placed some small yellow Mums at the bottom to serve as the starting point of the curve.  I also put some white Day Lilies which are still in bud forms to give a light contrast of green.

Highlighting A Curve Line Using Natsutsubaki with Yellow Mums and White Day Lilies


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