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My Pink Garden this Spring!

Hello Spring! Hello nice weather! These past few days, weather starts to become a bit warm especially at noon, which means that spring is just around the corner. As excited as I am to see Japan’s beauty is spring again, I am also excited to have some hours gardening at our balcony. I did not intend it but yesterday when I was rearranging my plants I noticed that most of the flowers are pink!

My pink garden as we welcome this year’s spring!
A beautiful Sakura tree from Kawazu, Shizouka; a present from my students. I also have a light pink Tsubaki or Japanese camellia that is now flowering.
Dark pink Daphne flowers that is very fragrant especially at nighttime.

It is not much yet but the pink color is already quite highlighted. I will try to put some more plants with the same shade of flowers. Maybe I can have different colors to harmonize my pink garden. So many possibilities for such as small balcony garden. Since the weather is nice, I will try to go to some flower shops near here by bike. Hopefully I can find beautiful plants to add to my garden. I also hope that for next year’s spring these plants will have the same adorable flowers.

Hmm.. so many thoughts, plans, and hopes. But for now, I will just enjoy the view of my pink garden from our living room.

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