Flowers and Ikebana

My Last Day as an Ikebana Student

Today was my last day as an Ikebana student! Finally! I have been brainstorming with myself (again) as to how my last three arrangements would look like.  I want them to be unique and reflect who am I as an Ikebanist but at the same time, I do not want to divert much from the arrangements in the book. Excitement and nervousness juggled inside me as I headed to our morning class earlier.

My first arrangement was a big challenge because I cannot use a kenzan or the spiky frog. As I try to balance the twigs and the flowers, I felt like I was training under Mr. Miyagi.  I needed to calm myself and refrain from trembling to keep my arrangement intact. But everything paid off when my sensei commended my arrangement.

Without Kenzan

Next was the arrangement with plants on the wall. Since I know that there would be no water to keep the plants longer, I choose the materials that have the ability to keep their colors even when they are dried. I was lucky to find some wheat grass and bamboo sticks in Daiso or the hundred yen store.

With plants on the wall

Lastly, an arrangement that would reflect who I am. To do this, I made an arrangement highlighting the things I love: flowers, fruits, and crafting. For the flowers, I used my favorites: roses, tulips, and calla lily. As for the fruits, I used kumquat and some red berries. And for crafting, I made a cornucopia out of old newspapers and blue yarn. I also used the shells we picked up from Rinkaikoen last summer.

Me in Ikebana

Next week, I will start training as an Ikebana sensei. I still have a long way to go before I receive my license or diploma as a fourth grade Ikebana teacher (Yonkyu Shihan) but already I’m ecstatic.

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