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Garden in My Ikebana

Garden? I myself was surprised that I can actually have one here in Tokyo. As I mentioned in my previous posts about my garden, I do not really have a green thumb. Growing plants especially from seeds has always been and still a great challenge for me. However, studying Ikebana has encouraged me somehow to try my best. My initial intention was to have access to materials for my Ikebana especially the leaves. For some reasons, leaves are more expensive than flowers here in Tokyo. For two years now, I am available to maintain a handful of plants from my garden. Most of them have unique leaves which I can use for my arrangements. I also have some flowers depending on the season.

my garden
Plants in our small garden here in Tokyo

Material from the Garden as the Main Point

I have used some flowers and leaves in my previous Ikebana arrangements but last Wednesday during our special lesson, I decided to highlight the plant from my garden for my arrangement. I used some Aloe Vera leaves as the main point of my Ikebana. Its leaves are thick and has beautiful waves which gave character to the whole arrangement. I added some Birds of Paradise to add some lines and distinct points. The bright dark orange color of the flowers also give nice highlights to the whole arrangement. These flowers  also reminded me of our garden in the Philippines when I was a kid. The giant Starflower was also added to give some contrast to the green leaves. Its gentleness also balances the strong features of the Aloe Vera and Birds of Paradise. The container is a brown ceramic shallow vase. Its inside is light blue to mimic the water.

Materials from the Garden: Ikebana using aloe vera as the main point.



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