Flowers and Ikebana

Morimono Ikebana at Gut Lohhof Museum

Morimono Ikebana is very ideal especially in summer when flowers are expensive and hard to find. During this season, fruits and vegetables are in vibrant colors

Last August, my husband and I went to Germany to visit the family and do some sightseeing. I also had a privilege to share my Ikebana work for my father-in-law’s birthday celebration. I opted to focus on doing Morimono arrangements. One, because I have very little idea of the possible flowers I may get. And two, I was told that by German law flowers are not allowed on buffet tables for health and safety reasons.

Adventures of Our Preparation Day

I only have the day before the event. First, we made a short visit to the venue. I wanted to see it before I go hunting for flowers and other materials. And the second part is to visit the garden center and supermarket to buy my materials.

Exploring The Gut Lohhof Museum

The Gut Lohhof Museum (Freilichtmuseum Gut Lohhof) is a historic Baroque-style manor. The museum displays tools and a variety of household things used during the 18th century. However nowadays, this place is more popular as a venue for events and special occasions. Inside its compounds are several facilities for locals and tourists to enjoy. At the center is a garden filled with beautiful and scented roses.

The Rose Garden of Gut Lohhof

They have a small chapel where couples can use for their wedding ceremony.

Small Chapel for Intimate Wedding Ceremony

And a dining hall which can cater up to more or less 80 people. A good size for family and friends to gather; enjoy good food and drinks; and catch up.

Rustic Dining at Gut Lohhof

Enjoying the Summer Night at Gut Lohhof Museum

Finding Materials Here and There

The visit to the largest garden center in the region was like a trip to a candy store. However, most of my materials were mainly sourced from the supermarket and the family’s gardens. It was a great opportunity for me because I was able to check some items on my “New Plants to Try” list. I found a good bunch of curly hazelnut stems, the spiky Mahonia leaves, Rudbeckia coneflowers from my father-in-law’s garden.

My Father-in-Law’s Garden

I also enjoyed cutting some plum branches and Hedera stems which is an evergreen climbing woody plant.

Plum Trees ar My Sister-in-Law’s Place

Morimono Ikebana : Designing the Gut Lohhof

Our visit to the venue gave a good insight of how I should design my arrangements. It should not only reflect on the celebration and the celebrator. It was also a challenge to connect to the place. With these in consideration, the words rustic, country-style, and intriguing served as my inspiration. I hope I did some justice.

No Flowers at the Buffet Table

Sunflowers to Welcome the Guests

Plums and Peppers for Summer Morimono

Ikebana Made by My Father-in-Law

Hedera Leaves, Sunflowers, and Orange Berries for Summer Ikebana

Country-Style Ikebana at Gut Lohhof

Yellow Rudbeckia, Carrot, and Saffron Orange Thistles

Summer Morimono in a Basket

Pink Cosmos, Mahonia Leaves, Golden Rod, and Cone Flowers from the Garden

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