Flowers and Ikebana

Monochromatic Ikebana

For today’s lesson, I decided to highlight single colors in my Ikebana arrangements. It is not that I am lazy to think of color combinations (hmm.. maybe partly correct since it has been two weeks or so that I have not done Ikebana ;)) but I think giving emphasis to just one color would strengthen its meaning or purpose.

For my first arrangement, I chose to showcase the purity and elegance of white. I used white baby’s breath and peonies. Peonies are in season at the moment. I did not remove the big leaves of the peonies to serve as contrast. I also placed it in a black ceramic vase to elevate the white flowers.

White Ikebana using peonies and baby’s breaths in a black ceramic vase

For my second arrangement, I used violet alliums and asters. The tiny leaves of the asters served as fillers to give a fuller image of the tiny asters. The whole arrangement also highlighted the unique lines created by the alliums and the stems of the asters. I also combined the with and without kenzan techniques for this arrangement.

Violets highlighting unique lines created by alliums and asters

My third Ikebana featured the femininity of pink through stargazers and carnations.

Flower power in pink using stargazers and carnations

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