Flowers and Ikebana

In Memory of Our Loved Ones

My memory of my mother is still vivid. I remember how she gets angry when we try to see what she is baking in the kitchen. She did not follow the measurements in the recipes exactly. She tried to make her own calculations as she prepares the ingredients. Maybe it was her instinct as a Math teacher. And the sad part, she did not write down her measurements. That is why, no one in our family could recreate her cakes. I also remember the times when she and my cousin would suddenly pop up a crazy impromptu trip somewhere for a halo-halo (A Philippine dessert made of mixed sweets, crushed/shaved ice, and milk with ice cream topping.) or joy ride. That was eleven years ago.

Yesterday and today, most of the Filipinos went to the cemeteries to visit their loved ones. I remember when we were kids. Halloween parties and costumes were not popular at that time. We did not dress up like a princess, a vampire, or a Pokemon monster. We just prepare our candles and flowers with some snacks and drinks. It felt like the whole country has a festival – huge crowd, closed roads, lighted candles everywhere, small kiosks, and food carts.

I may not be able to visit my mom and my other relatives this year. But as always, I offered some prayers and lighted some candles for them. I also made a simple Ikebana arrangement for my mom.

In Memory of My Mom

In Memory of My Mom


My mom loved flowers. She was the one who first taught me how to arrange flowers for Flores de Mayo (May Flower Festival) and weddings. For today, I made an arrangement using one of the flowers she liked – white Casablanca. She liked it when the room is filled with its fragrance. I also added some white Camellias. Unfortunately the flowers are still in their bud forms. But the dark green leaves gave a good contrast against the white flowers. I added an orange sinamay because she likes the color orange. I hope that she would be able to see the arrangement I made for her.


Ikebana in memory of the departed
Casablanca Flowers and Camellia Plant

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