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March Flowers for the Ladies and Little Girls

March flowers are a mixture of late winter and early spring blossoms. Fragrant narcissus warms the cold winds of winter while delicate peach blossoms start to welcome spring. Along side are sweet peas, tulips, and freesias painting the greens with pastel and bright colors.


March flowers are also for the ladies and little girls as the month is a celebration of their grace, beauty, and vitality. Here in Japan, there are three celebrations commemorating womanhood and femininity. The third of March is Hina Matsuri or Doll Festiva dedicated to little girls. Then the eighth is the International Women’s Day. Lastly, March 14 is White Day which is the Valentine’s Day equivalent for women.


March Flowers for the Ladies and Little Girls

As my way of paying tribute to all the inspiring women and adorable little girls, I made several Ikebana using March flowers for each special day.


My first arrangement is for Hina Matsuri using traditional materials such as peach blossoms and mustard or rapeseed leaves. I added some freesia to complement the leaves and peach blossoms.


Peach blossoms, freesia, and mustard leaves for Hina Matsuri


And for the International Women’s Day, I used red tulips as the main material for my second arrangement. Red tulips symbolize undying love and passion which are innate to all women worldwide. The fancy lines of the tulip stems and willow depict the female gracefulness and dynamism.


Red tulips and willows for International Women’s Day


And last but not the least, my flowers for White Day.  Instead of using only white flowers as the name suggests, I used dark purple pink broom flowers with a small cluster of white mums. The broom flowers describe how women can be sometimes crazy and undecisive but still able to keep their elegance and charm. The white mums serve as a point of interest and a good constrast to the broom flowers.


Broom flowers and mums for White Day




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