Flowers and Ikebana

Magnolia for Winter Ikebana

Magnolia is one of the flowers in my to-do list. Every year, I always admire how the tree near our building blooms with elegant white Magnolia flowers. I always imagine how it would look like if I put some branches in a vase. Unfortunately, the flower shops around us do not sell such.

The first weeks of January were a bit tough for me. I suffered from fever with cough and colds. And with the cold wind outside, it was a challenge for me to go out. Hence, I missed my Tuesday Ikebana classes with sensei. She was kind enough to bring the flowers to our place after her morning classes. To my surprise, there were some Magnolia branches included in our flower set for the first time. There were still in bud forms so I waited for a couple days before I took photos of my work.

White Magnolia Flowers in Ikebana

Maybe because it is still too early to have these flowers at the moment that the buds took time to open. And to my demise, if one bud start to bloom, those that already opened start to turn brown. With that, I had to compromise. I made two arrangements using one black shallow vase to contrast with the white flowers.

Floating Ikebana Using One Type of Material

White Magnolias with Fern and Silver Twigs

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