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Loving Nishi-Kasai

Once again I am back in Japan.. but this time I will be staying for a longer time!!

Being back  in Japan opened another life’s chapter for me. Right after our wedding, my husband and I worked on the necessary papers so that I can live him in Tokyo. Before I came here, I already programmed myself that our new home will be far from the urban life since Nishi-Kasai is known as highly residential – full of apartment buildings, a mixture of old and new detached houses, primary schools, and small stores.

Since my flight was in the afternoon, I arrived in Narita very late in the evening. It took us more than an hour and a half by train going home. Which proved my idea of the place… quiet. But my impression of the place changed when we had a short “Introductory” tour the following day.  And as the day goes by, I started to love Nishi-Kasai. I listed some of the things I like about our new place. And since I just got here last October 2012, I still have a lot to explore.

  1. Proximity to recreation areas

Our house was strategically located as a center point for a lot of recreation areas here in Nishi-Kasai. Ten minutes away on the north is Gyosen Park which has a zoo and a Japanese garden open for all free of charge. Somewhere in the South, is Kasai Rinkai Koen, one of the large parks in Tokyo and a place for the Tokyo Sea Life, one of Tokyo’s big aquariums. We usually walk along the Nakagawa or Naka river going to Kasai Rinkai Koen so that we can enjoy Tokyo’s cityscape.

There is also a river park where we can have barbecue parties with friends and a little further is a rose garden with a big playground. And every night at exactly 8:30 p.m. we can hear Disneyland’s fireworks from our balcony.
  1. Proximity to Central Tokyo

Nishi-Kasai is approximately 30 minutes by train via Tozai Line. And there is also a bus going to Akihabara. But this, I still need to try. Walking to Nihombashi or Central Tokyo is also possible. Once, my friend and I tried to walk home from Nihombashi. It took us maybe two-three hours because we stopped from time to time to enjoy the beautiful sceneries. We also passed by a cafe in Kiba wherein we had a chance to play with live owls. This I will have a separate blog soon.


  1. Groceries and shopping areas within Nishi-Kasai

During our “Introductory” trip, Christian introduced me to Aeon, a supermarket and shopping store. It is located across Gyosen Park. There were also other supermarkets nearby like Maruetsu and 24/7 convinis like Lawson is just around the corner. Under the Nishi-Kasai station is a Metro Center which hosts a variety of restaurants to choose from. And around it are different stores which sells almost everything like clothes, shoes, imported goods, toiletries, etc. A little further from the station is a mini-shopping area that has a number of good stores like G.U. ( a cheap but good quality clothes’s store), an appliance center, and a big Daiso (one hundred yen store). There were also several flower shops and secondhand stores.

Just recently, I was able to explore the big shopping complex in Higashi-Kasai. It took me 20-30 minutes bike ride going there from our home. The complex has two main big stores: Ito Yokado Riverside Mall and Homes Depot. Ito Yokado is a five-storey shopping center catering to electronics, clothings, shoes, grocery and food stalls while Homes Depot is a two-storey establishment with a DIY shop on the first floor and furnitures on the second floor.
Aside from the big DIY shop and garden in Homes Depot, I liked this shopping center because of the known  stores in place such as Uniqlo, G.U., and Franc Franc. No need for me to travel far 🙂
  1. Proximity to Narita and Haneda Airports

Nishi-Kasai is located between Narita and Haneda Airports which makes it very convenient if you are always traveling by plane inside or outside Japan. There is a limousine bus going to these airports near Kasai station, which is the next station from Nishi Kasai. Narita is also accessible by train. Maybe an hour and a half via Tozai Line then change to Kesei Line in Toyo-Katsutadai.


  1. A walkable city


Every weekday after eating lunch, my husband and I would walk around Nishi-Kasai before he goes back to office. We love to walk in Shinsui street park placed in the middle of the roads. This park has a small stream and kiddie pools where children can play and enjoy during summer. Sometimes we walk along the Kasai Coast to see the beautiful Tokyo skyline at daytime or nighttime.
  1. Child and Family-friendly city

Aside from the big parks within the area, small and medium-sized parks are also available for kids to play and families to enjoy. Most of these parks have playgrounds with slides and swing as well as comfortable chairs and picnic areas open for everyone.

When friends ask me why I love Nishi-Kasai, I always tell them that this is a place where one can enjoy a green and peaceful community but still near the city center. I also tell them that who would not love to see Tokyo Skytree the moment you open your door everyday?!

Tokyo Skytree from our balcony

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