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Long Walks New Discoveries

Everytime the weather permits, my husband and I would usually go for a walk around Nishi-Kasai. With Tokyo still under state of emergency due to the current situations, we have started to expand our walks to nearby places. We have our usual Kasai Coast- Nagisa Park – Shinsui River Park route on weekdays. For weekends, we brave ourselves to walk outside our usual route.

Through our weekday walks, I am able to see new things which we most of the time missed before due to work schedule. Last spring, we discovered the Kawazu Sakura at Nagisa Park aside from its azaleas. And during this time, the park has a beautiful collection of hydrangeas.

Nagisa Park Hydrangea
Hydrangea Flowers at Nagisa Park

Off to Tokyo Skytree Tower

Sometime during Golden Week, we challenged ourselves to go to Skytree Tower by foot. It is around 8-9 kilometers from our place and would take about 2 hours one way. Instead of walking along major roads, we walked along the small canals and river parks towards Skytree Tower. It was longer than the route suggested by  Google maps but it was more interesting because of the view. 

Enjoying Serenity atlong Kyu-Nakagawa

When we reached Kameido Central Park, there were posters displayed at different points of the park. It is a story chopped in twelve parts for the children to search. My guess it is part of the Children’s Day celebrated that day.

A Story Rally at Kameido Central Park

After two hours or so of walking, we have finally reached our destination: Tokyo Skytree Tower! However, we have decided to just walk around outside its building due to the current situations.

Tokyo Skytree Tower
Tokyo Skytree from afar

Koinobori at Tokyo Skytree
Under the Koinobori and Tokyo Skytree

To complete the cycle, we also went back home on foot. But instead of using the same route, we have decided to walk along the small inland canals in Ryogoku and Koto-ku. These canals were interconnected and designed beautifully for locals and visitors to enjoy each season. In spring people can enjoy walking under the beautiful sakura trees; in summer, children can have fun time playing with water and catching some fish or insects; and in autumn, one can admire the different colors of the leaves.

Walking at Tokyo Skytree
Children’s Day at Kuruki Children’s Playground

KOto-ku River Parks
Yellow Irises at the Canal Parks in Koto-ku

Koto-ku river Parks
Admiring the Edo-vibe Ambiance of Koto-ku River Parks

Disclaimer: My husband and I have our masks on when we do our walks and try to be distant from other people who are always walking or jogging.

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