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Kawazu Sakura in Edogawa

Kawazu Sakura (Kawazuzakura) is a variety of cherry blossoms blooms beginning February. It was first discovered in Kawazu, a town on the east coast of the Izu Peninsula, in the 1950s. Hence, the name Kawazu sakura. When the blossoms are at their peak, influx of locals and tourists enjoy walking along the riverbanks in Kawazu under the gorgeous sakura trees.

Unfortunately due to the current situations, travelling to Izu to see them is a challenge. Luckily, we were able to enjoy them here at Nagisa Park in Edogawa. And we were just in time to be able to enjoy them at their peak.

It was the last week of February when my husband and I made our usual walk. Visiting Nagisa Park in Kasai was unplanned but a good surprise. The park is covered with pink Kawazu sakura!

Birds jumping from one branch to another

Pink Kawazu sakura blending well with white Ume (plum) blossoms

Kawazuzakura Trees along the bottom pathway of hill at Nagisa Park

A beautiful canopy at the other end of the pathway

Aside from the sakura, we also enjoyed some spring flowers like pansies and marguerites. Their colors gave balanced and complemented the pink cherry blossoms.

Pansies in purple and yellow

Spring flowers in the park’s herb boxes

Nagisa Park is one of the family-friendly places worth visiting. There are lots of activities and things to see for the kids and adults all year round. It is also a beautiful place for hanami in April.

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