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Kasairinkaikoen All-Year Round

Kasairinkaikoen is one of the places I love here in Edogawa. Whenever friends come for a visit, I always recommend them to see this park. For us, it is only about 15-20 minutes by bike along Kasai Coast. It is also accessible via Keiyo Line from Tokyo Station and cannot be missed because it has its own stop. There are also buses from Funabori, Nishi-Kasai, and Kasai stations.

Twice a week, I come to this place to teach English to a Japanese couple. I visit this park on Monday nights and Wednesday afternoons. Hence, I can say that I am lucky to see what the park has to offer the whole year round.


Winter Chills

At the first crack of dawn on January 1st, the island of Kasairinkaikoen is full of locals trying to catch the first sunrise. With its strategic location along Tokyo Bay, the park serves as a great place to welcome the new year. And with much luck, one can also have a glimpse of Mt. Fuji in pink. Japanese people  say that this would give you good luck all throughout the year.


People Waiting for the First Sunrise at Kasairinkaikoen


First Sight of Mt. Fuji in Pink


In the months of February and March, different areas of the park are filled with the scents of Ume (plum blossom) and Narcissus. The Narcissus beds near the ferris wheel fill the place with sweet lemony fragrance. On the other hand, the plum blossoms along the forest trail brightens the cold gloomy weather.


Narcissus Blooms in Late Winter and Early Spring


The Plum Blossoms of Kasairinkaikoen


Spring at Kasairinkaikoen  

I always look forward to visiting the park in spring. Not only because it is fun to bike around under the bright sun but not so hot weather. The park is also a haven for me during this time because of the variety of flowers popping here in and there.


Hanami at the Park’s Sakuradori


Bright Yellow Mustard Flowers to Welcome Tokyo Spring


Tulip Beds at Kasairinkai


Poppies in May


There are also different activities and festivals with mouth-watering snacks and refreshments.



Summer Fun at the Park

Bright sun, hot weather.. and a nice time at the beach. For those who do not have the luxury to travel far, Kasairinkaikoen offers a small island where kids and kids-at-heart can enjoy the refreshing sea. There are also a lot of other things to do and enjoy such as crab hunting and kite flying.


Crab Hunting along Kasai Coast


A view of Disney from Kasairinkaikoen


Hydrangeas at Kasairinkaikoen


Kite Flying in Summer


From time to time, I enjoy walking on the beach and getting my feet wet with saltwater. But sometimes, I prefer to have a short bike tour especially around the forest. It is very refreshing to be under the shadows of the trees. The lush green leaves help me relax despite the crazy Tokyo heat.  I also enjoy making a brief stop to watch the birds resting or feeding.


The Park’s Forest Trail


Bird Watching at Kasairinkaikoen


Biking Around Kasairinkaikoen


And when it is too hot to stay outside, the Tokyo Sea Life inside the park is my refuge.


My Favorite View at Tokyo Sea Life Park


View of the Ferris Wheel from Tokyo Sea Life Fresh Water Park


Welcoming Fall 

Although the park doesn’t have much of the autumn color ambiance, its beauty is still astonishing as the temperature starts to be colder. During this time, the trees along sakuradori have lost their leaves already which gives a mystic chill especially at night.


Sakuradori in Fall Until Winter


And the pine trees particularly those planted along the road towards Kasai Coast start to produce some holiday scent.


The Pine Tree Path From Kasai Coast




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