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In Honor of the Fallen44

A few days ago, the Philippines was in its dark and sad point when news about 44 Special Armed Forces (SAF) personnel were brutally killed during a police operation to capture an international terrorist held in Mamasapano, Maguindanao. January 30th was declared as Day of the Mourning by the Filipinos as these heroes went back to Manila in caskets. Up until now, the question of who to blame for this mishap has been a hot issue in the country.

As a fellow Filipino, I sympathize with the families left behind especially the young children who will no longer be with their fathers. For today’s Ikebana class, I dedicate one of my arrangements to the 44 SAF heroes and their families. I hope it will somehow ease a little of the pains and sorrows that they are experiencing at the moment.

Ikebana honoring the Fallen44
An Ikebana dedicated to the families of the Fallen44

The white hemlock represents the tragedy faed by the SAFs as they attend to their duty as protectors of the country. White symbolizes their purity and dedication while hemlock flowers symbolize their death. The purple irises signify their valor or braveness for facing such danger. While the yellow stock flowers represent the courage showed by the families when they heard about the quaint circumstance and sorrowful mishap of the Fallen44.

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