Flowers and Ikebana

Heaven and Earth Seen Through Ikebana

During our last week’s Ikebana class, I was fortunate to have very interesting materials to work on –  some branches with small red fruits, ti leaves, day lilies, white chrysanthemums, and red cockscomb. Combining these materials with my ceramic vase designed with mountains, I tried to create an image which I usually use in traditional Chinese and Japanese paintings.

Heaven and Earth Ikebana
Recreating Heaven and Earth through Branches with Small Fruits, White Chrysanthemums, Red Cockscomb, and Ti leaves

The branches serves as  the trees found in the mountains; white chrysanthemums as clouds; and the ti leaves as green vines. I used a low blue vase to recreate the sea while the red cockscomb, small twigs, and some berries represent a forest with flowerbed.

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