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How to Satisfy Your Food Cravings while in Japan

One of the things that I love here in Japan is the nice and interesting food that one can find everywhere! Not only Japanese people are known as healthy eaters but they creativity are manifested in the food they make as well. Here are some of my favorite Japanese food to crave for:

1. Sushi

There is no place like home if you want to have a very nice and fresh sushi for lunch or dinner or even for snacks. Sushi are available even in convenient stores like 7 Eleven, Mini-Stop, or Lawson. You can even watch the sushi chef do it in front of you. In Ueno at the far end of Ameyokocho (near Okachimachi station beside Jewelry Tsutsumi  store), there is a rolling sushi restaurant which costs 126 yen per plate (two pieces of sushi). You get unlimited hot green tea and pickled ginger as side dish  But if you really want to have very fresh sushi, you can visit the restaurants near Tsukiji Market. But be sure to go there early as the queue tends to be very long especially during lunchtime.

2. Ramen

Wheat noodles served with meat or miso-based broth. Although there were several Ramen shops outside Japan, the taste is incomparable if you have it inside the country.  Chain or not, Ramen stores are something to check out to complete one’s Japanese tour. One of the famous chain restaurants is Ippudo. Their classic shiromaru bowl is a must-try. Recently I have been introduced to Kohmen Ramen shop in front of TGIF’s in Omotesando. Their specialty is black sesame ramen paired with basil gyozas.

3. Okonomiyaki and Monja

Okonomiyaki is a pancake-like dish mostly made of cabbage, egg, and flour. Originated from Osaka, the name is derived from the word “okonomi” which means “what you like” and “yaki” meaning grilled or cooked. The best way to enjoy okonomiyaki is when you cook it together with friends. Monja is cooked similar to Okonomiyaki but in a more liquid or sticky form. Monjayaki originated from the Kanto region (Tokyo area). It is written directly off  the grill using a small metal spatula. Tsukishima district in Tokyo is the famous street for these dishes.

4. Izakaya

It is not a food but a restauarant or better, a beer restaurant where people enjoy their night chatting and drinking. What I like most in all Izakayas is edamame or boiled peas and the yakitori or grilled chicken.

5. Green Tea ice cream

Japan is also known as the land of green tea which you can find not only in tea but in a lot of dishes especially the sweets. And one of them is green tea ice cream!


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