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Flowers and Ikebana

Holiday Arrangements for the Merry Season

It is the time of the year when our Ikebana class go away with traditional and do some holiday arrangements. Last Tuesday, all of us enjoyed making our arrangements not worrying about crowded flowers or forms. And instead of kenzan, we had floral foams for us to be able to bring home what we made. And during my afternoon session with sensei, I made a couple more to decorate our house.


Holiday Arrangements with a Twist


Although I am a creature of traditions, I easily get bored with the same things over and over again. So not to have the same arrangements every year, I a few twists here and there.


Since I moved in with my husband, it has been our tradition to make an Advent centrepiece. Four candles to symbolize four Sundays before Christmas – decorated with pine leaves and other ornaments. For this year aside from the dried pine cones and glittery balls, I also placed a few clay white Jasmins or Sampaguita flowers. Sampaguita reminds me of home as this is our national flower.  My friend Marushka from Ikebana class made them for my September exhibition.


Christmas Advent centrepiece with white Sampaguita flowers



As mentioned above, we made a holiday arrangement during our regular Tuesday morning Ikebana class. The others tend to have a round-shape all-rounder western arrangement. I, on the other hand, tried to combine western and Ikebana styles. I placed almost all flowers and other fresh materials I got from our flower set but I was still conscious about lines and shapes.


Holiday arrangement with roses and orchids


Lastly, for my third arrangement I used traditional Christmas materials like pine and red berries. However for this arrangement, the principles and styles of Ikebana are very distinct. This is my take on the traditional Japanese flower arrangement intended for a non-traditional Japanese festivity.


Our Asian Christmas arrangement


Before we all get busy with wrapping gifts and decorating our trees, I hope that these arrangements give you some cheer. Happy Holidays everyone!!




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