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Highlights of Okaeri Exhibition

Okaeri Exhibition was a challenge but also a milestone. It was my first major exhibition as an Ikebana artist. My friend Susumu and I collaborated together and organised Okaeri: An Ikebana and Pottery Exhibition. It was a four-day event (11-14 November) which was held at Gallery & Studio r_cafe in Yotsuya-sanchome, Shinjuku.

Okaeri Exhibition

What is Okaeri Exhibition?


The exhibition focused on the word “home.”  This word is very close to both our hearts. Hence, we wanted to reflect the warmth of a happy home as we welcomed family and friends at our exhibition. The ambiance of the gallery contributed greatly to this as it is very homey and fit perfectly to our theme.

Our Displays Inside r_cafe’s Gallery Room


More of Our Displays Inside the Tea Room


We highlighted the Ikebana arrangements I made using Susumu’s vases that can be placed in different parts of the house.

Our Featured Work: Susumu’s Vases with Purple Orchids, Blue Gentian, New Zealand Flax Leaves, and Dried Smilax


3-in1 Arrangement Using Small Square Vases, Anthuriums, Eucalyptus, and Dark Purple Mums


No Kenzan Arrangement Highlighting Susumu’s Moribana Vase


Miniature Ikebana Using Purple Mums, Periwinkle, and Camellia Leaves


There were also some Morimono arrangements (Ikebana using fruits and vegetables) to complement his plates, saucers, and cups.

Autumn Vegetables and Anahaw (Philippine Palm) Fan Adorn the Chinawares


Chilis and Beans to Complement the White Plates


Mountain-Inspired Vase with Beans, Chilis, and Dried Eggplant Tomatoes


Remembering Home 


As part of the “home” theme, I also tried to introduce the Philippines to our Japanese and foreign visitors by using some Philippine materials. Lastly,  I made some arrangements that showed my artistry as an Ikebana practitioner.

Wall Arrangement Featuring Sinamay (Philippine Fabric) Complemented with Gloriosa Lilies, Yellow Mums, and BIrd’s Nest Leaves


Anahaw Fans with Bamboo Plants, Gloriosa Lilies, and Milkweed Balloons


An Image of A Bird’s Nest Using Birds of Paradise, Face Fox Fruits, Pin Cushion Flowers, and Dancing Lady Orchids


Small Bamboo Basket Arrangement Using Pink Lily, Dried Eggplant Tomatoes, Ne Zealand Flax Leaves, Kangaroo Paw Flowers


Wooden Frame with Bamboo Trays Adorned with Purple Orchids, Dancing Lady Orchids, Ferns, and New Zealand Flax Leaves


Glass and Wire with Roses, Monstera Leaf, and Red Dogwood Stems


Pink Lilies and Curly Flax to Welcome the Guests


Repurposing the Gallery’s Green Wall with Gloriosa Lilies, Dancing Lady Orchids, Red Dogwood Stems and Sinamay Ribbon


Koyo Arrangement (Appreciation of Autumn Colors) Using Dried Materials


Okaeri Exhibition

Workshops and Dinner Party


Aside from the displays, we also had Ikebana and pottery workshops held on Saturday and Sunday. It was very heart-warming to see the participants enjoying and learning from our crafts.

Learning the Basic Sogetsu-Style Ikebana


Molding the Clay to Make Chopsticks Holders


And to celebrate the success of the exhibition, we had a small party together with some friends on Saturday night.

Enjoying the Good Food with Good Company


Celebrating the Exhibition’s Success with Families and Friends


Overall, the exhibition was a great opportunity for me and Susumu to share our passions and crafts. It was also a great venue to meet new people and to reconnect with family and friends. We are very thankful to all the support which helped us make this event successful!

Okeari Exhibition

Ikebana and Tea Ceremony Workshop


For those who missed the Ikebana workshop during the Okaeri Exhibition, we will have an Ikebana and Tea Ceremony Workshop at the same gallery on 26 November. Please refer to the photo below for more information.


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