Flowers and Ikebana

Herbs and Fruits for Morimono

I find herbs quite fascinating. They bring magical flavors to dishes, they have healing properties, and their scents help cleanse the air. My first attempt to have a garden full of herbs was a couple of years back when I was still based in Manila. Unfortunately, I was not successful to have one at that time. I again tried to grow some herbs when I returned to Tokyo in 2012. Our balcony gets a lot of sunshine the whole day which is a good location for plants. Plus, the buildings around us protect the plants from strong wind and heavy rain. After a few trials and experiments, I was able to grow some rosemary, mint, bay leaf, lemon grass, spring onions, dill, and from time to time some basil.

Rosemary and Bay Leaf Growing Beautifully


Pepper and Apple Mints Enjoying the Sun


Our Dill Starts to Bloom


Herbs and Fruits in Ikebana

Last Tuesday I have decided to use some of the herbs from our garden and made a Morimono arrangement. Morimono is a type of Ikebana arrangement that uses plants, leaves, fruits, vegetables, and roots as main materials. It is usually arranged to honor happy occasions as produce and roots are greatly associated to life and prosperity. For my Morimono, I used some rosemary and dill flowers. The rosemary plant is one of the first plants I tried to grew on our small balcony. Over the years, it has grown quite strong and the its branches created beautiful wavy lines. The dill, on the other hand, is quite new. Finally this year, I was successful in growing dill from seeds. For my fruits, I used Rubus palmatus which is a variety of raspberry and lemons. I also added two small paprika or bell peppers for some color.  This arrangement is to welcome the good season for planting as Tokyo gets warmer and sunnier. It also somehow brings the garden inside the house especially with the fragrant smell from the rosemary and dill. The berries serve as little jewels hanging proudly.

Moribana Arrangement Using Herbs and Fruits

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