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Happy Moments at BLJ Ikebana Class

Happy moments with a dash of haggardness and a sprinkle of workout. (Haggardness and workout because of the stairs at Hiroo Station as I am not friends with stairs in general..ahahaha) This best described how the first four months of my year was. Mostly because of the BLJ Ikebana Class. From January until April, I have collaborated with Best Living Japan for  a series of Ikebana lessons. The lessons were held every Tuesday afternoon at BLJ studio. For 10 Tuesdays, I was able to share the Japanese flower art to a group of ladies coming from different countries. It was also a learning experience for me as I further improve my skills as an Ikebana teacher.


Happy Moments with Wonderful Ladies


When Lauren asked me to do Ikebana lessons for Best Living Japan, it was an honor and at the same time a huge challenge. I was flattered when she told me that she learned about me through my article about clam digging in Tokyo. From there, she found out that my Ikebana works. Teaching Ikebana for Best Living Japan is a different level of challenge for me. Unlike my usual workshops and online class, I needed to put together principles and techniques in a way that a beginner and non-practitioner would easily understand and do even without much supervision.


Happy moments at Best Living Japan studio


The first day until the last session of our BLJ Ikebana class was a success and full of happy moments. We had a group of wonderful ladies coming from different backgrounds and countries. Each has a story to share and great enthusiasm to create their very first Ikebana arrangement. From them, I also learned a lot of things.


With the wonderful ladies/students


1. Sharing your passion to others should not be hindered by boundaries

My first day teaching for our BLJ Ikebana class also taught me to see and use my “non-Japanese teaching Japanese culture” as a strength rather than a weakness. I realized that aside from teaching the principles and basics of Ikebana, I am also sharing with them my passion for the flower art. Likewise sharing the same idea that we all might not stay forever in Japan, helped me design my lessons. From choosing the topics which they can do back home up to the materials or types of flowers that are also available elsewhere.


Happy Moments at BLJ Ikebana Class
Learning Shin, Soe, and Hikae during our first BLJ Ikebana Class


2. Diversity paves way to new perspectives

The diversity of students we had at BLJ Ikebana class was also a great venue for us to share different techniques, fresh interpretations, and new perspectives. Each lesson had two activities. During the first activity, I shared with them some techniques and styles based on the assigned topic. For the second activity, the students had to do freestyle and/or similar arrangements incorporating the Ikebana techniques they have learned.  As their teacher, I was very impressed of their works and how they see their fellows’ creations.


Incorporating creativity in their own designs


3. It is okay to challenge a beginner


While I was designing each course topic, I always kept in mind that they are beginners and may or may not have any idea what Ikebana is. This somehow constrained me to create by-the-books lessons instead of helping them discover or nurture their creativity. After our first lesson, I posed some challenges to my students. This also served as a test for me as their teacher. After teaching them the fundamentals and techniques, I asked to make arrangements based on their own interpretations and creativity. The results were magnificent!


Getting out of their comfort zones


Overall, it was a great experience teaching Ikebana as part of Best Living Japan‘s January – April 2018 (Spring Semester) Courses. Hope you can join us next time.

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