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Hanabi Festivals Near Nishi-Kasai

Summer is the season for Hanabi festivals in Japan. It means people get to enjoy watching beautiful fireworks display with some beer, cold drinks, and snacks. Every year, several of these festivals take place all over Tokyo.   About five years or so, it has been a tradition for us to go to some of these fireworks festivals. From our place here in Nishi-Kasai, we have good access to two of the major hanabi events. First is the Koto-ku fireworks which is usually in the first days of August. And second, the Edogawa Hanabi which is an hour away by bike. Sometimes if the sky is clear, we can also see the Sumida Hanabi from our balcony.    

2018 Hanabi Festivals

  I personally do not get tired of watching the fireworks displays. Every year, I get to see new and bigger fireworks. And with the Tokyo Olympics close by, this year’s displays did not fail to amaze the people.  
Hanabi festivals 2018
Enjoying the Koto-ku Hanabi from our side of the river.
Tokyo Hanabi Festivals
Amazing Fireworks Displays at 2018 Edogawa Hanabi
I am still learning how to capture this beautiful product of chemistry. And there are too many gorgeous moments not enough for photos to document. Hence, here is a below is a link to short video of the recent Edogawa Hanabi for you to see and enjoy 🙂
The 2018 Hanabi festivals in Tokyo are almost over but you can still catch a couple until late September.

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