Flowers and Ikebana

Halloween Ikebana

Halloween is being celebrated in most part of the globe at the moment. It is the time when people dress in different costumes for parties or trick or treating. Here in Japan, celebrating Halloween is starting to become popular. As early as two months before October, decorations; toys; costumes; and other related things are already on display in the stores and supermarkets. Halloween parties are being held in major city centers like Roppongi, Shibuya, and Kawasaki.

In celebration of Halloween, I tried to make an Ikebana arrangement. Re-using some old materials from my previous arrangements and things inside my fridge, I made a morimono (Ikebana arrangements using fruits and vegetables. I used persimmon instead of the usual pumpkin because it is in season at the moment. I added some dried Ti leaves and the old pine stem which I got from my neighbor’s garden. And to give some contrast, I added a small lemon which I sliced a little to expose its inside part.

Halloween Ikebana
Recycled Materials for Halloween


As I edit the picture, I noticed that leaves and the stem create a shadow shaped like a creepy monster or dragon. Unfortunately, I do not know how to make the shadow darker without sacrificing the actual arrangement. Anyways since it is Halloween, I will just let you imagine the creepiness in my work 😉 Happy Halloween!!!

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