Flowers and Ikebana

Green Leaves for Rainy Summer

Green leaves for summer rain. During my last Ikebana class with sensei before our summer break, I enjoyed creating Ikebana using leaves as main materials. The leaves give a refreshing feeling against the hot summer. They are also abundant during this time of the year because of the trimming season at the parks and gardens.

Green Leaves in Summer Ikebana

In our flower set, I found a couple of lilies and roses. With them are a bunch of Enkianthus stems. This a local shrub usually used as box hedges along the road. In fall, the leaves are bright orange and in summer, lush green. For my arrangement, I used the Enkianthus stems as my main material and a single light orange rose as complement.

Green Leaves Summer Ikebana
Enkianthus Leaves for Tokyo Summer

My next arrangement also features only two materials. The lilies from our flower set and the luscious Mimosa leaves. I got them for free on my way home from Seishincho Ikebana class. A group of gardeners were trimming a huge Mimosa tree. My shamelessness paid off when they gave me a handful of big cut stems for free.

Summer Ikebana Using Mimosa and Lilies

Since I still have some leftover materials from the Omotesando event, I made a third arrangement also under the same theme. I placed the stems of the red currants and statice a bit on the background to highlight the greens. The new Zealand flax gave some interesting lines that balances the mass created by the red currant and Enkianthus leaves.

A Variety of Greens for Summer

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