Flowers and Ikebana

Grasses and Orange Hues

From pastel colors in spring and bright yellows in summer, color hues start to become warmer as temperature becomes colder. Orange blossoms, dark pink carnations, and purple gentians are now in season. Colors that gives warmth as we enjoy the cool autumn weather.

Likewise, grasses are now becoming popular not only as additions to garden borders but also in softening flower arrangements. For our Ikebana class these past couple of weeks, I enjoyed creating arrangements using grasses and flowers in warm hues. I had great time playing with snake grass creating different shapes with it.

Snake Grass and Carnations

Ikebana for Moon Festival using Maiden Grass, Snake Grass, Torch Flowers,
and Aspidistra Leaves

Early Autumn Ikebana

Grasses combined with different shades of orange give an early autumn vibe inside the house. The elegance and softness of the grass goes well with the vibrancy of orange flowers.

An Early Autumn Ikebana using Maiden Grass, Orange Mums, Orange Gerbera,
and Golden Rod Flowers

A single orange Gerbera with some flax leaves in a dark orange tall vase can also give the same autumn vibe.

Simple Early Autumn Ikebana using Orange Gerbera, Golden Rod, and Fkax Leaves

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