Flowers and Ikebana

Garden Cuttings Turned Aromatic Arrangement

Garden cuttings are good materials for your Ikebana. Fresh materials without paying a cent. For this week’s Tuesday Ikebana, I used some garden cuttings from my balcony. As temperature get higher, the scarcity and prices of flowers in our area also get higher. This is why I keep some plants in our balcony for my Ikebana needs.

Garden Cuttings for Ikebana

After our morning lessons at Seishincho Community Center, I passed by my usual flower shop to get additional flowers for my afternoon class. Unfortunately they do not have much for me choose from. As I opened our glass doors for fresh air, the overgrown stems caught my attention. It was like a reminder why I planted them in the first place – use them for Ikebana.

A few minutes before my sensei arrived, I took some garden cuttings from the rosemary and citronella plants. I have also longed to use the kumquats so I was excited to cut a branch.

I placed them in an urn-shaped based together with a Japanese box stem and dried driftwood. The scent of the rosemary and citronella filled our living room and helped prevent mosquitoes entering our house.

Ikebana using Garden Cuttings
Aromatic Ikebana using Rosemary, Citronella, and Kumquats

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