Flowers and Ikebana

Flowering Branches: Small Flowers Big Impact

As early as mid-December (at least here in Tokyo), flowering branches start to be on display at the flower shops. The small and dainty colors of winter sakura for year-end festivities; the star-like yellow flowers of witch hazels in the beginning of the year; and the vibrant colors of forsythias, peach blossoms, and Japanese quince to welcome spring. These flowers maybe individually petite yet a branch gives a dramatic impact.

Due to the warm winter we have in Tokyo this year, flowering branches have been abundant since the beginning of the year. There were days when our living looked like a forest because of the tall branches on display. And with the current situation, it made us feel closer to nature even without leaving our home.

Flowering Branches for Outdoor Vibe

The small clusters of bright yellow Cornelian Cherry flowers add a festive feeling to my composition in late January. They are like small fireworks welcoming the new year.

Cornelian Cherry Flowers in Ikebana
Cornelian Cherry as Fireworks to Welcome the New Year

In early February, we enjoyed looking at the Japanese quince. The curvy lines of its branches are similar to the old trees growing along the ponds or rivers.

Flowering Stems in Ikebana
Admiring Natural Lines of the Japanese Quince

And this week, we have an early hanami with a lush winter sakura Ikebana in our living room.

Early Hanami with Winter Sakura

Hope you will enjoy these Ikebana arrangements. Have a good weekend!

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