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Fishes Under Tokyo Sky Tree

The Tokyo Sky Tree in Sumida City holds the title of being the world’s tallest tower. Compared to other towers, it is also promoting its image as a “town with a tower.”  It offers a variety of activities for people to enjoy.  As my husband and I savor the last few days of our summer vacation, we decided to visit the Sumida Aquarium last Tuesday. It is considered as one of the main attractions of the Tokyo Sky Tree town.

Sumida Aquarium 14
Tokyo Sky Tree Towering At 634 Meters High


From Nishi-Kasai station, we went to Nihombashi via Tozai Line. From there, we changed to Asakusa Line going to Oshiage Station. We did not need to walk under the heat of the sun because there is direct access to the Sky Tree town from the station. It was also very convenient especially now that the weather suddenly changes from sunny to rainy and vice-versa. The queue of people who wants to climb the Tokyo Sky Tree has always been long. Unfortunately it was the same for Sumida Aquarium when we went there.

Sumida Aquarium 1
On our Way to Sumida Aquarium After 30 Minutes of Queuing


A Day at Aquarium under Tokyo Sky Tree 

Colorful lights and a colorful fishes behind thick glasses welcomed us as we enter the aquarium. I was impressed when I saw that they also feature the different types of water plants.


Sumida Aquarium 2
Thick Glass Tanks Welcome the Visitors of Sumida Aquarium


I also commend their efforts on informing the visitors with signages with illustrations explained in Japanese and English. The aquarium features several sea animals such as the jellyfishes and garden eels. And in the middle there is is a huge open aquarium for penguins and seals.

Sumida Aquarium 15
Well-Illustrated Information Signages Both in Japanese and English


Sumida Aquarium 3
Different Water Plants Featured at Sumida Aquarium


Sumida Aquarium 4
Jellyfish in Different Colors Inside Sumida Aquarium


Sumida Aquarium 5
Special Photo Exhibit of Takashi Amano’s Trip to the Amazon, One of the Designers of Sumida Aquarium


Sumida Aquarium 6
Garden Eels Never Leave Their Place


Sumida Aquarium 7
The Aquarium Centerpiece


We were fortunate that during our visit, the aquarium has its Gold Fish Festival. A portion of the place where decorated with traditional Japanese lanterns and glass chimes. Some kids together with their parents were making paper fish lanterns and doing coloring activities. There was also an alley decorated with gold fish lanterns and tank displays. As we walk under the lanterns it brought us back to the old streets of Tokyo during a summer festival.


Sumida Aquarium 12
Inviting the Cool Wind Through Glass Chimes


Sumida Aquarium 13
Recreating a Traditional Japanese Summer Festival during Edo Period


Sumida Aquarium 8
Edo Period Gold Fish Festival at Sumida Aquarium


Sumida Aquarium 9
Goldfish as Symbol of Wealth and Good Luck


Sumida Aquarium 10
Traditional Lanterns from Japanese Artisans


Sumida Aquarium 11
Gold Fish Exhibition During Edo Period


For those who wish to see the Gold Fish exhibition, it will be at the Sumida Aquarium until 30 September. For more information, please visit the Sumida Aquarium website.


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