Flowers and Ikebana

My First Tokyo Workshop with Pottery Exhibition

Last Friday┬ámarked another milestone as I had my first Tokyo workshop on Ikebana. A few months ago, my friends Rie and Susumu invited me to collaborate with them for an autumn exhibition. As we discuss the details, the idea of having a workshop in summer came up. It will be part of Susumu’s pottery summer exhibition. We are fortunate that the gallery owner is very supportive and even helped us with the logistics.

Tokyo Workshop 8
The Facade of r_cafe Gallery and Studio in Yostsuyasanchome, Shinjuku


Tokyo Workshop 9
Our Event Billboard

My first Tokyo workshop! I planned to have one but I didn’t know that I would have the opportunity as early as now. I was also able to display some Ikebana arrangements using Susumu’s vases.

tokyo workshop
Mums and Earth-Colored Vase


Tokyo Workshop 2
Summer Arrangement Using Sunflower, Bamboo Stem, and Fire Lily


Tokyo Workshop 3
Sunflower and Cattails Placed in White Cubic Vase


Tokyo Workshop 4
Fire Lilies with Silver Streak Leaves to Complement┬áSusumu’s White Plates


Tokyo Workshop 5
Top View Arrangement Using Sunflower, Silver Streak, And Dracena Leaves


Tokyo Workshop 22
Inside the Gallery’s Tea Room


Susumu also conducted a pottery workshop on the last day of the exhibition.The exhibition and workshops were held at r_cafe Gallery and Studio in Yotsuyasanchome, Shinjuku.


Tokyo Workshop 6
Ikebana Arrangement for Susumu’s Pottery Exhbition


Tokyo Workshop 7
Sunflower and Earth-Colored Vase to Complement the White Square Plates and Saucers


Tokyo Workshop 19
Tools for Susumu’s Pottery Workshop
Tokyo Workshop 20
Susumu Explains Basic Molding Techniques During His Pottery Workshop


Tokyo Workshop 21
Participants Making their Own Cups


Tokyo Workshop at r_cafe Gallery and Studio


The Ikebana workshop had two sessions: morning (11:00 am – 12:00 noon) and afternoon (1:00 pm – 2:00 pm). There were a good diversity of participants for both sessions. During the morning session, my friend Morgane joined as a participant. She is currently in Tokyo for a short visit. There were also participants from London during the afternoon session.

Tokyo Workshop 10
Teaching Where to Place the Shin, Soe, Hikae


Tokyo Workshop 12
Morgane and Her First Ikebana Arrangement


For both sessions, each participant received a small vase, a kenzan, and a set of flowers and leaves. I first showed them how to cut the flowers or leaves for their shin, soe, and hikae. These are the three main branches for basic Sogetsu ikebana. It is very interesting to see how focused the kid participants are in order to get the right measurements for their stems.


Tokyo Workshop 11
Ikebana Arrangements Made by the Morning Session Participants


Tokyo Workshop 13
The First Session Participants


Tokyo Workshop 15
Measuring the Materials for Shin, Soe, and Hikae


Tokyo Workshop 16
The Afternoon Session Participants Finishing Their Works


Tokyo Workshop 17
The Afternoon Session Participants


Tokyo Workshop 18
Afternoon Session’s Ikebana Arrangements


While sharing a hot macha (green tea) courtesy of Ms. Kaori Watanabe (gallery owner and licensed tea ceremony sensei), the participants shared their feedback and insights during the workshop. All of them enjoyed as it is their first time to make an Ikebana arrangement. They said that it was also a good opportunity to practice their English and meet people from different places.


Tokyo Workshop 14
Learning How to Make Macha (Green Tea)


Tokyo Workshop 23
Ms. Kaori Watanabe Sharing the Proper Way of Drinking Macha

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