Flowers and Ikebana

First Day High at Best Living Japan Ikebana Class

First day of everything is both exciting and terrifying for me most of the time. Last Tuesday was not an exemption. It was the first day of my Ikebana class for Best Living Japan.  Since my first meeting with them last October, I have started brainstorming and preparing little by little. However, nature has its own plan as we say. The day before my class, Tokyo experienced heavy snowfall. And so my plan to have a bright spring theme for our flower set needed some revisions: full spring down to almost spring.


First Day: Almost Spring Ikebana Arrangements


I am very grateful to meet a wonderful group of ladies during our first Ikebana class.  It is always share my passion to new people especially from other countries.  After our brief introduction, we started with our activity – the Basic Upright Moribana.  As mentioned above, my original plan is to have a spring flower set using carnations, mums, narcissus, and euonymus leaves.  Later on, I added silver leaves to add some winter chills.  For the first half of the acitivity,  I guided them how to measure the main stems (Shin, Soe, and Hikae) and how to place them on the kenzan.


Learning Shin, Soe, and Hikae


Then for the second part, I asked them to make another arrangement on their own.  However instead of using a kenzan, we used floral foam instead so that they can take home their works. Also, this would help them know the difference between the two when making an Ikebana.



First Day BLJ Ikebana Class
Small Version of the Basic Upright Moribana


We also had a good discussion and sharing of thoughts while looking at each other’s works.  Overall, it was a great day for all of us!

To know more about upcoming lessons and how to participate, please visit Best Living Japan website or click here.

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