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Fireworks Viewing in Tokyo

Fireworks. I guess I will never get tired of enjoying its beauty although I can hear and see some every night from Tokyo Disneyland. Yes, one of the perks living here in Nishi-Kasai. We can see and hear the Tokyo Disneyland fireworks every night at exactly 8:30. Not fully seen but quite visible from our balcony. But this doesn’t stop me from getting excited to go and see the Hanabi or fireworks every year. Hanabi or fireworks season usually start in mid-July until late August. In Tokyo, they are mostly held in open areas near the big rivers or along Tokyo Bay. It is the time of the year when people cover the riverbeds or beach with blue mats to secure a good viewing place. Most of which were done even a day before the actual event. Locals and a few foreigners wear beautiful yukatas or summer kimonos. Stalls were also placed near the area selling food and cold drinks.

Yukata girls
Girls in yukata or summer kimono trying to find a place during Edogawa Hanabi

Last August 4th, my husband and I went to Edogawa Hanabi in Shinozaki. It was about 45 minutes by bike from our home. As expected, we were welcomed by a big crowd patiently waiting for the fireworks to start. We were lucky to find a small yet comfortable spot where we can see the fireworks clearly. The fireworks started around 7:15 pm and lasted for an hour. Compared to last year’s display, this year we saw bigger and more colorful  fireworks. Some even have vibrant shapes like flowers, hearts, smileys, and cat faces. The main highlight of the whole display was the Mt. Fuji-shaped light adorned with colorful fireworks. We were not able to see the front view but we got a good perspective from our side.

Edogawa Hanabi crowd
Ten percent of the crowd for this year’s Edogawa Hanabi
edogawa fireworks
2015 Edogawa Hanabi Opening
Hanabi with Fuji
Mt. Fuji fireworks

Luckily we decided to go there by bike. Going home, the train station was closed after sometime due to very huge crowd wanting to go home by train.

Fireworks Near Our House

The following Tuesday, we again saw some fireworks. But this time, we were lucky that the Koto City Fireworks was just five minutes away from our house by foot.

Koto Fireworks Map
A five-minute walk to see the Koto City Hanabi

Together with our neighbors, we went to Nakagawa riverside. It was directly facing the fireworks display so we got a very good view. It was admirable to see Tokyo cityscape at night with colorful adornments.

koto fireworks
Enjoying the Koto City Hanabi from Nakagawa riverside
Tokyo Cityscape
Tokyo Cityscape with Fireworks


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