Flowers and Ikebana

Finding a Deeper Meaning of Ikebana

Meaning of Ikebana.. A friend once asked what is the meaning of Ikebana arrangements that I made. At first I said that most of my arrangements depicts happy scenes of nature like a serene pond; a mountain in spring; or a lushful forest. Although I was able to provide the concept, I knew that it is not enough. Like other forms of art, those who can appreciate other people’s works try to find the deeper meaning of Ikebana. They try to find the emotion behind them and how they relate to actual life experiences. I may have done beautiful arrangements but to be able to explain the deeper meaning of my works is still a work in progress for me. Although I am already in my teacher level, I still consider myself as a newbie in Ikebana if I compare my three years with my colleagues who have already 20 years or so. But as they say time is not a reason for me not to be able to learn. But then again, art is an expression of one’s self which means that I should be able to explain or express the idea behind my works effortlessly. And so, let the challenge begin…

One of my first batch of arrangements for this year is a fruit of my playfulness and experimentation. Since it is the start of a new year, I wanted to make something that will reflect the season. While I was visualizing the arrangement I needed to make for our special Ikebana class last Tuesday, a picture of a bird’s nest came into mind. New year, new beginning, new life.

Deeper Meaning of Ikebana
New Life, New Hope: freestyle Ikebana using flame lilies, hand-made egg vase, red and green twigs.

Reflecting that concept into an Ikebana arrangement  was a bit of a challenge since I did not have enough time to find the needed materials.  Luckily, I was able to keep old twigs and other materials which I have used previously. I re-used the vase which I made from plastic spoons and old glass jar for an egg-like container. The egg symbolizes life being nurtured. I placed some flame lilies which looked like coming out from the egg to symbolize hope and purity of life. I added some holly for prosperity. The nest which serves as the egg’s  protection and home is made of red rattan sticks blind base and green twigs for growth and prosperity.

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